Cancer Treatment Center for Pets Opens in Malvern PA


Great news! A new Cancer Treatment Center is opening for pets in Malvern, PA. Malvern is a suburb of Philadelphia, so this treatment center is easily accessible to anyone in the Northeast. Since it is the first of its kind in the US, I believe it will be a great resource for those of us who will literally do anything for our pets.

Mid-Atlantic Veterinarian Specialists was Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists is a surgery center for advanced procedures and cancer treatment for dogs and cats.

“If you and your animal companion are facing a serious diagnosis, there are many more options in advanced veterinary medicine today than there were even a few years ago. Surgery can often relieve pain and suffering, improve quality of life and life expectancy.”

“With deep experience in specialized veterinary care, our skilled surgeons, along with our network of reliable therapists and radiologists, bring a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to your pet’s care.”

Hopefully you will never be in a position to need their services, but it is good to know this resource is available if needed.


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