Woodrow Wear Power Paws Non-Slip Socks for Dogs


A friend of mine used a pair of Drymax Cold Weather Socks for her female Boerboel when she had an allergies.  The constant paw-licking caused a host of other problems, since bacteria thrive in dark, damp places (like between the toes of your dog).  Drymax Socks are form-fitting and they stayed up and did the trick, but now I’m happy to see that a company called Woodrow Wear has brought out a new line of socks for dogs called Power Paws.

It’s always a good idea to try to get to the source of your dog’s paw licking, since often allergies are food-related.  There are a lot of articles of selection of dog food, homemade and raw diets, so I won’t get into that now.  Let’s stick with the topic of socks for dogs.

Power Paws Dog Socks - Help with Slippery Floors and Stairs

Power Paws Dog Socks help your dog more easily navigate slippery floors and stairs.

Dog socks help prevent paw-licking, but this is only one of the uses of dog socks.  The other uses are for senior or geriatric dogs that have trouble climbing stairs or getting their footing on shiny surfaces or hardwood floors.  Non-slip dog socks, like Power Paws from Woodrow Wear, help your dog with traction on slippery floors, and they also come in use for protection of paw wounds.

About two years ago my female Boerboel ripped one of her toenails half off and it had to be removed.  She wore a bandage on her foot for about a week, but I could not remove it as I feared I would not be able to re-wrap it as nicely as the vet.  It also did not allow for air to get to the wound, which is needed for proper healing.  Her toenail healed fine and she is back in good shape, but it would have been nice to have a non-slip dog sock so that she could navigate outdoors more easily and keep the bandage clean.

Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks come in 8 sizes, from XXL to 3XL and there are also 4 sizes (Greyhound style) for dogs whose middle two digits are longer than the outer digits (Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Poodles, etc.).  There is a cute selection of colors and styles.

Power Paws Advanced with Reinforced Toe are currently available for $24.99 for a 4-pack pair at ShopForPuppy.com.

Size Guide for Woodrow Wear Power Paws Socks for Dogs

They are available in two foot styles: Regular (for most dogs) and Greyhound Edition (for “hare-footed” dogs like Italian Greyhounds, Poodles, Whippets, Australian Shepherds). Any dog CAN have a hare-foot, even Shepherds, Collies, and occasionally a Pug.

To determine which is best, take a look at the pads on your dog’s paws.

Choose Power Paws Regular if:

  • Your dog’s paw pad is nearly square.
  • Its length and width are approximately equal.

Power Paws Dog Socks - Regular

Choose Greyhound Style if:

  • Your dog’s paw pad is significantly longer than its width (regardless of breed)
  • Any breed can have hare-feet. Some dogs even have “regular” front feet and “hare-feet” in the back!

Power Paws Dog Socks - Greyhound Style

Buy online at ShopForPuppy.com, where a portion of all revenue from sales goes directly to rescue and helping pets in need.



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