K-H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House – Heated


This is a fabulous idea for our furry friends who live outdoors.  Many people have stray and/or feral cats that live near them that need extra protection from the inclement weather.  The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House provides that protection, for a reasonable price.  What makes this really nice is that it is VERY easy to set-up, and most cats start to use it right away.  You don’t need any tools to set it up.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

K-H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House - Heated

K-H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House – Heated

“I bought two of these heated houses and put them back-to-back (like a long tunnel) with some space between them (about six inches roof to roof). I put a thick, wool blanket on top to bridge the gap. I think this makes it feel like separate, secure housing, yet it’s all contained in one space. I placed this “tunnel” between a brick wall and a bale of straw for additional insulation and wind-break. They LOVE it! Thank you K&H!”

“First of all – they ought to get an actual prize for packing cleverness! Really! It was so easy to unpack and assemble – and secondly – they ought to REALLY submit this product for super PERFECT design.”

“My feral cats LOVE the two exits and the heated, soft pad!”

“What a great product!! The cats love this thing and it looks great.”

“My feral cat loves your outdoor thermo-kitty house. She sleeps in it all the time. Actually, she spends most of the day in it.”

For every purchase of a K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House, we donate $10 towards the rescue of your choice, or the donation goes to Alley Cat Allies, a national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.

Visit us at ShopForPuppy.com soon.  We are an organization of animal lovers, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards Rescue and helping our furry friends in need.


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