Homemade Outdoor Feral Cat Shelter


With my work in Rescue, I often get helpful ideas from other rescue organizations.  This is a quick and easy solution to construct a winter shelter for outdoor cats or feral cats in the neighborhood.  I think the photo is self-explanatory.


This idea came from our friends at Urgent Ohio Dogs, a rescue organization that helps to place dogs from shelters throughout the State of Ohio.  They are a dedicated group of volunteers whose mission is to network dogs on death row in Ohio:

Urgent Ohio Dogs on Facebook

While this is a great idea, I am also very impressed with the K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House which comes in both a heated and non-heated version.  If you have an outdoor electrical outlet, the heated house is a perfect solution to keep your outdoor cats safe and warm.  It is getting 5-star reviews from everyone who has purchased it.  It is a very popular item on ShopForPuppy.com, where a portion of all proceeds goes towards pet rescue.


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  1. What a great idea, and inexpensive too. Would be a good Girl Scout or school project. So many kitty’s would appreciate it . Especially hearing it’s going to be a cold, snowy winter


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