Bella Donna, a Female Boerboel up for Adoption in Eastern Washington


Bella Donna, 3 Year Old Female Boerboel up for Adoption, March 26, 2012

Bella Donna is a purebred female Boerboel that is up for adoption.  She is 3 years old, and was born on December 15, 2008.  The person that bred her was contacted to see if he would take her back but, when he found out she was spayed he said “No”.  Her most wonderful breeder, Olympic Dogs of NW Washington, refuses to take her back because she can’t make more money for him.  Hmmm, I have a lot of respect for that breeder.  NOT!  Regardless of her irresponsible breeder, she looks like a really nice girl.  For anyone looking to buy a Boerboel puppy or guardian dog, keep in the back of your mind the backyard breeders and puppy mills who refuse to take dogs back when they are in need.  Don’t support breeders who won’t support the dogs and puppies that have helped to pad their wallets.

A Female Boerboel up for Adoption

Here is the report from the foster:

Bella Donna was spayed April 2010 and is micro-chipped.  The breeder sold her to someone that didn’t know much about this breed and, after the cute stage ended, Bella Donna spent most of her life in a kennel. She is a dominant female.  Her and my Chimera walked stiff legged and hair-raised for two weeks, but they came to some consensus and play well now.  Bella Donna got along with Kenya great because Kenya is the bottom of the totem pole. 🙂  Bella Donna is okay with small dogs but not yappy ones. She was introduced to a male German Shepherd and was fine with him.  I am going to introduce her to an excitable GSP tomorrow to see how she does with that (he is hyper and big). She is extremely affectionate, but she has a bad habit of pawing you when she wants attention, but she has gotten better not doing that. She is fine with kids and is okay with cats once you tell her to leave them alone. She struggles with my pet rats so I am guessing she wouldn’t be great with other small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, etc.  She is not food or toy aggressive (I can stick my hand into her food bowl while she eats), she is leash trained, potty trained, crate trained, and knows how to sit, lay down, sit pretty, off, go away, go lay down, and leave it.

Bella Donna, Female Boerboel up for Adoption

She has great recall.  I waited a week before going for an off-leash walk out on a trail and she did great, stayed close to me and came the first time I called. She has no desire to chase the birds or other wildlife. She is very playful with other dogs but is careful around people because of her size.  She does like to test me about who is in charge and see if she can get away with things.  She wouldn’t be a good first time dog for someone that doesn’t have experience with large, dominant breeds.  She is more active than an English Mastiff but not quite as active as most Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

I am continuing to build her confidence by going to different places with her, she does great with people approaching and petting her. She is protective but accepts someone after she knows they are okay.  She has a scary bark when the door bell rings. She loves food, and will do anything for treats.  She comes with a pillow, her favorite toy, collar and leash.

If you think you might be interested in adopting Bella Donna, respond to this post and I will get you in touch with her foster and the Rescue who is coordinating her rescue efforts.


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  1. She is beautiful!!!! That breeder should not be allowed to breed anymore….makes me sick…good luck, has she found a home yet?


    • Thank you for your comments. I believe Bella Donna has found a home, but we have other similar BB’s looking for homes. If anyone is looking to adopt a BB, just let me know. Bella Donna was in the state of Washington, but I have another female in the DC area.


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